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Full-Cycle Rotary Engine

US Patent Application 15670071, Full Cycle Rotary Engine Combination is an advanced, inverted version of:
US Patent 9638186, Rotary Pump and Rotary Motor,
which provides a complete solution for Rotary Engine. is an emerging business to prototype, test, optimize and productize the inventions.

*** Undisclosed information available on request.***

A breakthrough for a simpler, less costly and more efficient straight-shaft rotary engine to replace conventional crank-shaft reciprocating engine.

  • This is not fiction about Wankel's invention, nor Mazda's pursue. Not LiquidPiston's current design either!
  • James Watt's 230 years old dream becomes true.
  • Technical problems such as friction and dynamic sealing etc. have been solved finally in a simple and effective way with every reason and potential to outperform piston-crankshaft engines.

US Patent Application 15670071: Full Cycle Rotary Engine Combination

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