US Patent 9284947, RESPONSIVE WINDMILL, windtrees, wind tree, vertical axis windmill, VAWT, future windmill, wind mill, wind turbine Inventions, Rotary machine, RESPONSIVE VAWT windmill, … is an emerging business to prototype, test, optimize and productize a highly-efficient, light-weight, quiet Rolling Piston Rotary Engine, which is developed based on 2 inventions:

US Patent 9638186, Rotary Pump and Rotary Motor
US Patent Application 15670071, Full Cycle Rotary Engine Combination Undisclosed information available on request. will need immediately:
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____ CEO, COO and work team,
____ any advice, suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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An experimental partial model of the invention has been built and tested, which amazingly works as expected, with exciting performance and potentials.

  • After lapping process and 72 hours continuous non-lubricant test running, the new device exhibited neither wear nor heat caused from friction, which was an unsolved serious problem with other rotary engines, as seen in Wankel Apex sealing. Instead, a polish-like super-finishing surface retained on all sealing contacts even if without any lubricant, which is an outstanding merit even compared to reciprocating piston ring.
  • The test proved the feasibility of the invention, and makes great promises possible and meaningful.


  • Mid-term: A prototype that works smoothly, quietly without any leakage and over-heating.
  • Final-term: Optimize and standardize a complete new type of rotary engine which promises:
    • greater efficiency,
    • less fuel consumption,
    • cooler exhaust,
    • smooth and quiet running,
    • reliable and durable,
    • light-weight and compact structure,
    • easy to manufacture and maintenance,
    • less costly.

The new engine will be an ideal candidate for equipping unmanned aircraft, small submarine or other vehicles, with significant greater range, payload and endurance for less fuel and lower cost.

US Patent Application 15670071: Full Cycle Rotary Engine Combination

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