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Rolling Piston Rotary Engine

Rolling Piston Rotary Engine is a simple, light-weight, and highly-efficient straight-shaft rotary engine to replace conventional crank-shaft reciprocating engine, which is developed based on 2 inventions:
US Patent 9638186, Rotary Pump and Rotary Motor
US Patent Application 15670071, Full Cycle Rotary Engine Combination Undisclosed information available on request. is an emerging business to prototype, test, optimize and productize the technology.

  • This is not fiction about Wankel's invention, nor Mazda's pursue. Neither LiquidPiston's current design!
  • James Watt's 230 years old dream becomes true.
  • Technical problems have been solved finally in a simple and effective way.
  • A prototype with perfect dynamic sealing without harmful friction has been built and tested, achieved every reason and potential to outperform piston-crankshaft engines.

US Patent Application 15670071: Full Cycle Rotary Engine Combination

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