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Wind Mill

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US Patent 9284947

U.S. PATENT 9284947 Responsive Windmill, is a simple, cost-effective vertical axis windmill for cheaply harvesting clean energy, responsive to all wind-direction, designed for both low-wind and high wind, also survival of extreme weather. The potential applications also include tidal, underwater, jet-stream or high altitude projects.


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A windmill rotates on a vertical axis, with plural articulated working members circling around. Each working member has a pivotal edge like a vane, a flag or a hinged door, swings on its own axis and also rotatable around the central axis. On the axis of each working member furnished a joint controller to restrain the movement of each, flipping and engaging the favorable wind in about 3/4 turn of the central axis but disengaging in the rest 1/4 turn. The engagement of the controller is elastically releasable on excessive load or over-speeding, allowing the respective working member to skip the engaging temporary during each rotation.

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